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Divine healing is a healing modality where the patient is passive, while the healer uses a meditation technique following the protocols to heal.  This modality works through intentions generated by the healer.  This modality of healing is very safe as the energy of the healer is not in close proximity with the patient making it less invasive compared to Rekhi and other modalities.  The patient may be asked to sit or lay down comfortably for a certain period of time when the healer sits in front of the patient and meditates following the protocols, by which he directs the divine cosmic energy to heal.  Some healers, depending upon the knowledge of healing may also use other modalities in different combination i.e., sound healing with Tibetan bowls or tuning forks.  The Vedic system believes that the ailments are the result of our past life actions in a combination of lifestyle in the present life.  This method of healing addresses the different layers such as the energy body, mental body, and the etheric body of the person rather than the physical organs.  We all store undigested emotions throughout the body and when the emotion is stored for a longer period of time it crystalizes and roots itself deeply at the subconscious mind and manifests in the physical and mental body as ailments and stress.  The result may be a loss of clarity, hypertension, insomnia, joint pain, loss of motivation, passion, loss of appetite, messy relationships, pessimism, lack of purpose, etc.  The healer may suggest a combination of a gentle yoga practice to release certain physical stress which helps in Divine healing.  


Just like how our body can store undigested emotions, the place where we live in can also store unresolved emotions from the past at every corner of the house.  The Divine healing best works when the healer first inspects the conductivity of the positive divine energy of the house and the living condition of the patient before even the healing sessions are scheduled.  Almost half the time, when the accumulated negative energy is cleared from the house where they live in is cleared and shielded with divine energy, the ailments and stress starts to fade away quickly.  This is also known as space clearing technique.

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